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80% Vidanga Glycerin Extract Embelia Ribes Tincture

80% Vidanga Glycerin Extract Embelia Ribes Tincture

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Features of the product:

  • Premium product.
  • Non-contaminated & non-mixed.
  • Non-Gmo.
  • No preservatives.
  • Organic, pure, fresh, best, natural.
  • 100% original & quality assured.
  • Food grade 
  • Extracted using glycerin and water.

 Vidanga Benefits: 

  1. Digestive Health: Vidanga is often used in Ayurveda to aid digestion and support gastrointestinal health. It may help in relieving digestive issues such as indigestion, bloating, and flatulence.

  2. Antiparasitic Properties: One of the most well-known traditional uses of Embelia ribes is its purported anthelmintic or antiparasitic properties. It is believed to help in expelling intestinal worms and parasites from the digestive tract.

  3. Antioxidant Activity: Vidanga contains bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties that may help neutralize free radicals, reducing oxidative stress and potential cell damage.

  4. Antibacterial and Antifungal Effects: Some studies suggest that compounds found in Embelia ribes may possess antibacterial and antifungal properties, which could help combat certain types of infections.

  5. Metabolic Support: There is some traditional use of Vidanga for metabolic health, including its potential role in supporting healthy metabolism and weight management. However, more research is needed to confirm these effects.

  6. Anti-inflammatory Potential: It is believed that certain constituents in Embelia ribes may have anti-inflammatory properties, potentially aiding in managing inflammation-related conditions.

  7. Immune Support: Some traditional systems of medicine attribute immune-boosting properties to Vidanga, suggesting it may support the immune system's functioning.

Questions & Answers

1) Can Vidanga be used with Mimosa Pudica seeds?
Both Vidanga (Embelia ribes) and Mimosa pudica seeds are used in traditional medicine for different purposes. They can be taken together.

2) What is Vidanga used for?
Vidanga, also known as Embelia ribes, has various traditional uses:
Digestive Health: It has been traditionally used to aid digestion, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, and support overall digestive health.
Antiparasitic Properties: Vidanga is known in traditional medicine for its anthelmintic or antiparasitic properties. It is believed to help expel intestinal worms and parasites from the digestive tract.
Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Effects: Some studies suggest Vidanga contains compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3) How to take Vidanga?
Vidanga is used in different forms, including as a powder, decoction, or extract. It can be taken orally, typically mixed with water, honey, or other liquids. Dosage and administration methods might vary based on traditional practices.

4) Is Vidanga toxic?
When used in appropriate doses, Vidanga is generally considered safe. However, higher doses might lead to adverse effects. As with any herbal supplement, it's important to use it under guidance and avoid exceeding recommended dosages.

5) Does Vidanga work on Giardia?
It can work against Giardia

6) How does Vidanga affect stools?
Vidanga's impact on stools can vary depending on individual factors and the specific condition being treated. Traditionally, due to its purported anthelmintic properties, it might lead to changes in stool consistency when used for expelling intestinal worms or parasites. However, its effects on stools can differ among individuals and might not always result in noticeable changes.

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